About me

Raja Asyraf with his lovely wife.

/ˈrɑːʤə asyraf/

Raja Asyraf is a Software Developer with experience in various sectors such as internet banking, e-commerce and telco industry. His background in Computer Science has enabled him to pursue his career in software development since 2016.

Asyraf believes that in order to deliver the best result, never neglect best practices approach. He is fueled by his passion of crafting functional and maintainable software. He considers himself a ‘forever student’, always eager to learn new thing or technique to improve his work. Learning is one thing, but applying what he has learned into his work is crucial for him.

One of his biggest accomplishment was he had successfully revamped the entire legacy system that has been a nightmare for most of the user and also the maintainers. The journey to deliver the system is very challenging and yet he managed to do that with a team of two developers. Asyraf is currently looking for any freelance project and is always interested in a new challenge. Reach out to rmasyraf@gmail.com or my LinkedIn profile to connect!

Disclaimers: The opinions and views expressed on this website are entirely my own. They do not represent the thoughts or ideas of my employer, my coworkers, my wife, or anyone else.  For the most part the articles and views presented on this site do not represent real people or events, and are only reflections from my experiences and opinions.