About me

My name is Raja Asyraf. I was born in Johor Bahru and now living in Shah Alam, Malaysia. I’m a software developer with experience in internet banking, e-commerce, and telco company. I started my journey in software development during the final year of my degree in 2016.

My background in Computer Science has sparked my interest to continue to pursue a career as a software engineer. I believe a mature engineer has to keep on learning and not afraid to share the knowledge. Besides that, I set my mindset as a ‘forever student’ which will keep me to be curious and explore things.

One of my biggest accomplishments is I have revamped a legacy system that has been a nightmare for most of the users and the maintainers. With a team of two developers, we managed to deliver the task despite many challenges. After all, it’s a satisfying feeling that keeps us continue to love the challenge.

I am open to any freelance project and always interested in a new challenge. Reach me out to rmasyraf@gmail.com or my LinkedIn profile to connect!

Disclaimers: The opinions and views expressed on this website are entirely my own. They do not represent the thoughts or ideas of my employer, my coworkers, my wife, or anyone else.  For the most part, the articles and views presented on this site do not represent real people or events, and are only reflections from my experiences and opinions.