Installing PHP 5.1.6 in Windows 10

In my previous post How do I setup multiple PHP version in my local machine for development?, I mentioned that I needed multiple version of PHP is because I’ll be working on the legacy system. But there’s a limitation on that method, I can’t install the older PHP 5.1.6 because of these reasons:

  • No PHP 5.1.6 for Windows available to download. Refer here.
  • No compatible Apache version with PHP 5.1.6 available to download. Refer here.

I spent a lot amount of time searching for those packages and trying to install it on Laragon, but none of that working. Then, I found another alternative that makes me feel dumb enough not trying to give a shot before. It’s a XAMPP!


The trick is, the XAMPP version doesn’t reflect the PHP version.

I was too focus on Laragon that I forgot that there’s a lot more alternative that I should try. And XAMPP is the answer to get PHP 5.1.6 running in my Windows 10. We can easily find it on the official website here. The trick is, the XAMPP version doesn’t reflect the PHP version. For instance, XAMPP version 1.5.4 is actually is a package that includes PHP 5.1.6.

Thanks to my colleague who helped me with this solution. I shared this problem with him and he’s willing to help. So if you’re facing the same problem, I hope this could help you save your time.

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